Recent Arrivals

We get new books in every day, here are some of our most interesting new arrivals:

By Elizabeth Mansfield:
Her Man of Affairs $1.25
Regency Sting $1.10
A Marriage of Inconvenience $2.10
My Lord Murderer $1.00
A Splendid Indiscretion $2.10
The Fifth Kiss $2.10
Her Heart’s Captain $2.10
A Very Dutiful Daughter $2.10
The Accidental Romance $1.35
The Phantom Lover $1.25
The Bartered Bride $1.75
A Prior Engagement $1.75
The Counterfeit Husband $2.10
Duel of Hearts $2.10

By Dorothy Mack:
The Unlikely Chaperone $2.00
A Prior Attachment $2.00
The Steadfast Heart $2.
The Lost Heir $2.00
The Impossible Ward $1.00
The Substitute Bride $1.00
A Companion in Joy $1.00
An Unconventional Courtship $1.35
The Courtship of Chloe $2.00
The Awakening Heart $2.00
The Last Waltz $1.25
The Mock Marriage $2.00
The Luckless Elopement $1.10

The Ruthless Lord Rule by Michelle Kasey $1.25

In The Shadow of Arabella by Lois Menzel $2.00