We will be attending the Conquest Science Fiction convention again this year. We had fun and met many nice people there last year, and we are looking forward to the same this year.


Guest of Honor is Glen Cook. Plan ahead now and buy some of his books for discussions, autographs and just because they are cool.

We currently have the following of his books in stock:

A Path to Coldness of Heart
Surrender to the Will of the Night No. 3
Soldiers Live 10
The Darkwar Trilogy No. 1 : Doomstalker
Reap the East Wind No. 6
Bleak Seasons 1
Petty Pewter Gods 8
Stars’ End
Old Tin Sorrows
Darkwar Trilogy No. 3
Shadowline 1
Shadow Games 4
The Silver Spike 6
The Tyranny of the Night 1 by Martha Wells and Glen Cook
A Shadow of All Night Falling
All Darkness Met
The Dragon Never Sleeps
Water Sleeps 9
Garrett Files : Bitter Gold Heart
Sweet Silver Blues 1
The Black Company 1
October’s Baby
Shadows Linger Bk. 2
The Tower of Fear
Cold Copper Tears
Angry Lead Skies
The White Rose 3
A Matter of Time
Darkwar Trilogy No. 2: Warlock
Dreams of Steel Vol. 5
Dread Brass Shadows
Lord of the Silent Kingdom No. 2

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