The mystery section is one of the most popular in our store.  With eleven cases of paperbacks and nine of hardbacks it is almost impossible to avoid finding a treasure.  Of course we have copies of all the current favorite authors like Lee Child and Janet Evonovich, and the classics from John D. MacDonald and Dashiel Hammett.  Your favorite mystery writer is certainly represented, and there are some really good collectable copies of the older authors books.

I really enjoy these books, and frankly would not even try to pick a favorite book, or even a favorite author.  I can usually find something for anyone with a bit of discussion of likes and dislikes.  Here are some interesting authors:

Elmore Leonard is an exceptionally prolific writer, of both mysteries and westerns. I mention him particularly because his style is much different from the norm in both areas. Leonard’s characters are not really anti heroes, but just flawed human beings. Typically they are moderately incompetent, and find themselves in over their heads in difficult situations. Humor is a large part of these books, but they are never really comedies. Always worth a good read if you are looking for something off the beaten track.

Dick Francis was the Queen’s own jockey until he was injured in a racing accident and turned to writing. I find his stories to be unique, with likable characters and believable plots. Many, though not all, involve horses and racing, particularly English style steeplechase racing. We have almost all of his books in stock.


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