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  1. Jesse says:

    Read Reamde by Neil Stephenson. Probably the most normal book he has ever written, but still a great read. This one actually has an ending that makes sense, unlike many of his other books. But as usual, its the writing itself that draws me to him, little character insights and droll humor. Stephenson is a writer for geeks to a certain extent, and this book carries that on. It is set in approximately the present, and centered on the next big online game after World of Warcraft. As always its huge, and the cast of characters includes Russian Gangsters, Chinese hackers and retired drug smugglers. I can’t include any plot spoilers, simply because the plot is so involved that no synopsis is possible. I highly recommend this book to anyone, and for the true geek the book sent me back to Snowcrash, Stephenson’s best and best known effort.

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